cleaning window blinds

Cleaning Window Blinds

In recent years I have walked through the process with a bag of dry towels at hand, and now with a roll of clean towels at hand, but all I have learnt over the years is that I have been cleaning window blinds wrong for so many years. This is not only about using too much cloth and getting streaks on your windows, but it is also the wrong way to do it. Here is how I have learned to clean my windows the right way…

About Window Blinds

There is a huge variety of window treatments available, from the very simple blinds made out of old-fashioned cloth to those that feature special treatments in order to give them a certain look. Each type of blinds has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be treated as such. Blinds made of fabric do not dry as quickly as those made out of wood and are more difficult to keep clean, especially if you live in an area with damp weather.

The disadvantage of wooden blinds is that they do need to be regularly replaced, and this can prove to be expensive in some cases. For those who own wooden blinds, you will be well aware that there are usually no spare parts available and you are stuck with them until the time comes. However, wood blinds can actually save you money over time as you do not have to spend on buying new windows or cleaning them on a regular basis. Also, because they are not prone to dents, splits or scratches, they can last longer than other types of blinds.

All window treatments are made from different types of material and the best materials to use are treated to ensure that they are able to withstand the harsh environment. Wood is the most commonly used type of material, and many people feel that it is not as good as others when it comes to keeping the cleanest of windows looking clean, but this is not necessarily true.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Wood is used in many different ways for window treatments. One of the most common ways to clean your wooden blinds is by spraying them down with warm water and then wiping them down with a cloth and then a mild cleaning solution. Some people prefer to leave their wooden blinds completely bare to achieve a cleaner appearance, and also to be able to keep the cleanest of windows as they are less likely to be scratched and scuffed by foot traffic. This is a relatively cheap method and is very effective. However, it can take time and effort, so it is best left to the professionals.

Other Types of Blinds

Cleaning blinds on other types of blinds is easier as they require less work and less mess. You simply have to be able to get a cleaning cloth which is less abrasive and you can get this from a supermarket.

If you want to clean wooden blinds, it is important that you choose the right kind of cloth for the correct type of treatment, otherwise, you will end up staining your blinds. If you have a wooden blind, you need to choose a cloth which is able to dry more quickly so that you can be sure that the cloth will not stain the wood itself.

If you are unable to do the cleaning yourself, you will probably have to hire a professional in order to get the job done correctly. You may have to pay a little extra to get professional help as they will be able to give you a better deal. but the cost is well worth the price paid because of the results you will receive.