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Major House Cleaning Routine – Tips and Tricks

The major house cleaning routine is designed so that you see what needs to be accomplished and in time you will find that your house is becoming very simple and easy to clean, you won’t have to worry about falling behind on your cleaning schedule and in fact if you do any decluttering your house will start to get clean almost automatically and you will be able to stick to your new cleaning routine very easily. As soon as you have established a new cleaning routine in your house it will become a habit and this is a great advantage as you can look back over your cleaning list later and see exactly what needs to have done to complete the work.


Decluttering is an essential part of housecleaning and it helps you when you are cleaning your house. There is nothing more dispiriting than seeing all of the clutter that you once had but now there is none. By doing some decluttering, you will be able to get rid of some of the clutter that is in your house and this will make your house a lot easier to clean. The decluttering process will not happen overnight but by taking small steps at a time you should be able to get rid of a good amount of your housecleaning clutter in a relatively short period.

If you are unsure about what you should do to declutter your home, you can always speak to an expert house cleaning professional about what should be done to get rid of the clutter that is in your house. A professional cleaning company will be able to give you tips on what should be done to get rid of some of the clutter in your home and they will also be able to tell you about other methods that you could use to speed up your house cleaning routine.

Set Goals

When you are cleaning your home, you should think about what you would like to achieve in your major housecleaning routine. For example, if you want to get rid of some of the clutter in your bedroom then you should take some of the furniture that you have in the room and throw them away. It may be necessary to change your bed linen towels at this stage as well.

major house cleaning

You will find that you need to change your carpets at the same time that you are cleaning your major house cleaning routine, you can either replace them or get them vacuumed to make sure that there is no dust or dirt anywhere. and that will help to speed up your cleaning job considerably.

Cleaning Products and Tools

One thing that you may be able to do to get more done in your major housecleaning routine is to purchase some sort of cleaner that you can spray onto the carpets in your home that will give them a thorough clean. It will ensure that you get rid of all of the dirt and debris. You can get a variety of different types of steam cleaners to use on your carpets and this will make cleaning much quicker.

Another way to speed up your major housecleaning routine is to think about what you are going to eat for breakfast on days when you are cleaning the kitchen or in other rooms of your house. You should take a bit of time to prepare breakfast and make sure that you have leftovers from the previous night and this will save you time in the long run as you won’t have to make as many trips back to the kitchen.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider making your housecleaning less difficult and you may want to stick to them over a longer period. When you have completed your home cleaning routine and are feeling good about your cleaning job you may even want to make a few changes to keep the house cleaning routine from becoming too tedious. Remember that you should make sure that you stick with your housecleaning schedule and that you won’t have to go back to the kitchen after every housecleaning job.